Meta Phenoxy Benzaldehyde

Product Details :-

  • Description : Meta Phenoxy Benzaldehyde is a pesticide intermediate to manufacture synthetic pyrethroid insecticides
  • Chemical Name : m-phenoxy benzaldehyde
  • CAS Registry No: 39515-51-0
  • Packing :225 kg UN approved lacquered MS drums/HMHDPE drums

Structural Formula :-

Standard Specifications:-

m-phenoxy benzaldehyde 99% minimum content (by GLC)
Acidity as Meta Phenoxy benzoic acid 0.5% maximum Benzoic Acid (by mass)
Moisture content 0.2% maximum

Physical Properties :-

Appearance Colourless to light yellow clear liquid free from extraneous impurities.
Boiling Point 140°C at 1.0 mm Hg
Density 20°C (by Hydrometer): 1.149 to 1.154
Melting point 18°C
Solubility Soluble in most organic solvents, sparingly soluble in water.
Reactivity Reactive in alkaline medium. It should be protected from air as it is susceptible to oxidation.