Cypermethric Acid Chloride

Product Details :-

  • Description : Cypermethric Acid Chloride is mainly used for the manufacture of Cypermethrin. It can also be used for the manufacture of Permethrin and Beta Cypermethrin and other products.
  • Chemical Name : - 3-(2, 2-dichlorovinyl)-2, 2-dimethyl cyclopropane-1-carboxylic acid chloride
  • Grades :DV Acid Chloride with different Cis-Trans ratio is also available.
  • Stability : Stable under normal storage conditions.
  • CAS Registry No: 52314-67-7
  • Shelf-life : Two years under normal storage conditions

  • Packing :250 kg UN approved polylined MS drums

Structural Formula :-

Standard Specifications:-

“By GLC (area normalization method, as methyl ester)” 98% (w/w) minimum
By IS 97% (w/w) minimum
Acid content 0.8% (w/w) maximum
Thionyl Chloride content 0.2% (w/w) maximum
Other related substances (by GLC, after esterification) 0.5% (w/w) maximum
Cis-Trans ratio 55 : 45 to 50 : 50

Physical Properties :-

Appearance A clear pale yellow liquid free from extraneous impurities.
Boiling Point 78-80°C at 1.5 mm Hg and 116-117°C at 7.5 mm Hg
Density 1.23 g/ml at 30°C
Freezing Point Does not freeze up to -5°C
Solubility Miscible in n-hexane, benzene, toluene, chloroform and carbon tetrachloride in all proportions.
Reactivity Reacts violently with water, alkali metals and their hydroxides. Reacts rapidly with alcohols giving corresponding esters. Evolves hydrogen chloride with water and alcohols.