Meta Phenoxy Benzyl Alcohol (MPBAL)

Product Details :-

  • Description : Metaphenoxy benzyl alcohol is a pesticide intermediate used to manufacture permethrin and other synthetic pyrethroid insecticides.
  • Chemical Name : - m-phenoxy benzyl alcohol
  • CAS Registry No: 13826-35-2
  • Packing : 225 kg UN approved HDPE lined MS drums/ HMHDPE drums.

Structural Formula :-

Standard Specifications:-

M-phenoxy benzyl alcohol content 98% (w/w) min.
Acidity Not more than 0.2%
Moisture content 0.5% (max.)

Physical Properties :-

Appearance Clear liquid with colourless to pale yellowish tinge
Boiling Point 135-140oC/1 mm, 186oC/10 mm, 205.5oC/27 mm
Density 20oC: 1.13 – 1.14
Freezing point Not freezing up to -40oC
Solubility Freely soluble in Toluene, Methanol, etc.
Stability Stable under normal conditions
Reactivity No particular reaction with acids, alkalies, etc.