High CIS Cypermethric Acid Chloride

High CIS Cypermethric Acid Chloride

Product Details :-

  • Description : We prepare and offer intermediate of High cis cypermethric acid chloride (D.V. Acid Chloride) which is used in preparation of alpha Cypermethrin.
  • Chemical Name : 3-(2, 2-dichlorovinyl)-2, 2-dimethyl cyclopropane-1-carboxylic acid chloride.
  • CAS Registry No: 52314-67-7
  • Packing : Technical Grade : 250 kg UN approved polylined MS drums

Structural Formula :-

Standard Specifications:-

Acid Chloride content by GLC 98% (w/w) Minimum
Acid content 1.0% (w/w) Maximum
Thionyl Chloride content 0.2% (w/w) Maximum
Cis Isomer 98.00% Minimum
Trans Isomer 2.00% Maximum

Physical Properties :-

Appearance A clear pale yellow liquid to light brown liquid