• Technical Name : Metribuzin
  • Formulation : 70 % WP
  • Compatibility : Compatible with tank mixed applications of common herbicides except for FOP group of herbicides.
  • Mode of Action : Selective systemic herbicide. Photosynthetic electron transport Inhibitor.
  • Activity Spectrum : Used as pre and post emergence control of grasses, broad leaf weeds in soyabean and wheat.
  • Available Packing : 100g, 250g, 500 g.

Product Features:-

  • Broad spectrum activity, HEMKO effectively controls Phalaris minor, and many other grasses and broad leaved weeds.
  • It acts through roots as well as leaves and therefore, can be used for both pre and post emergence applications.
  • No residual effect on succeeding crops.

Approved Recommendations:-

Crop Weed Application dose/acre
Soybean Digitaria spp.,Cyperus esculentus ,Cyperus campestiris,Borreria spp.,Eragrostis spp. 200g
Wheat Phalaris minor,Chenopodium album,Melilotus spp. 100g
Sugarcane *Cyperes rotundus,*Cynodon dactylon,Asfodelus fistulosis,Chenopodium album *,Convolvulus arvensis,Portulaca Oleracea,Analgalis arvensis,Cichorium intybus,Echinochloa colonum,Parthenium hysterophorus,Dactyloctenium aegyptium,Commelina spp. 600 – 1200 g
Potato Chenopodium album,Trianthema monogyna,Parthenium hysterophorus,Fumaria parviflora,Melilotus spp.,Phalaris minor 300 g
Tomato Trianthema portulacastrum,Dactyloctenium,aegypticum,Gynandropsis pentaphylia,Amaranthus viridis,Portulaca oleracea,Digera arvensis,Euphorbia frustratea Echinochloa colonum ,Ageratum conyzoides ,Eleusine indica ,Setaria glauca ,Commelina benghalensis 300 g