• Active Ingredient : Acephate
  • Formulation : 75 % SP
  • Compatibility : Compatible with most Insecticides, fungicides.
  • Mode of Action : Systemic Insecticide with contact and stomach action. It disrupts nerve impulse transmission by acting in synaptic region
  • Activity Spectrum : Aphids, Jassids, Boll Worm, Stem borer, Leaf folder, Plant Hoppers, Green leaf hopper.
  • Available Packing : 100 gm, 250 gm, 500 g, 1kg, 5 kg & 25 kg

Product Features:-

  • Hemcid is widely used in India for the control of sucking pests in various crops.
  • Hemcid is Ideal partner for Tank Mix either with CNI or Synthetic pyrethroid.
  • Also gives excellent control of difficult pests like Heliothis armigera when used as tank mix partner.
  • Less particle size- Highly soluble in water avoiding blockage of nozzles and get quickly absorbed by plants.

Approved Recommendations:-

Crop Pest Application dose/acre
Cotton Jassids,Boll Worms 300 gm
Safflower Aphids, Jassids 300 gm
Rice Stem Borer, Leaf Folder, Plant Hoppers, Green Leaf Hopper 350 gm