(Pretilachlor 50% Ec)



  • Technical Name : Pretilachlor
  • Formulation : 50 % EC
  • Compatibility : Compatible with commonly used herbicides
  • Mode of Action : Selective pre-emergence broad spectrum herbicide. Which acts by inhibition of cell division of weeds seeds.
  • Activity Spectrum : Used as pre-emergence broad spectrum herbicide for control of annul grasses, sedges and broad leaved weeds in Rice.
  • Available Packing : 500 ml, 1 Ltr, & 5 Ltr.

Product Features:-

  • Pre-emergence herbicide. It destroys grassy & broad leaf weeds shortly after germination or following their emergence from soil.
  • Better formulation process- Help in establishment of seedling, no adverse effect & prevent rotting at collar zone of rice.
  • No adverse effect like stunting and yellowing.
  • Safe to handle, safe to environment.

Approved Recommendations:-

Crop Weed Application dose/acre
Transplanted Rice Echinochloa crusgalli,Echiniochloa colonum,Cyperus difformis,Cyperus iria ,Fimbristylis miliacae,Eclipta alba,Ludwigia parviflora,Monochoria vaginalis,Leptochloa chinensis,Panicum repens 500 ml – 600 ml
Rice Stem borer Leaf folder GLH 200 ml ( 200 lit of water )
Sugarcane Termites 400 ml ( 200 lit of water )