(Pendimethalin 30% Ec)



  • Technical Name : Pendimethalin
  • Formulation : 30 % EC
  • Compatibility : Compatible with commonly used herbicides.
  • Mode of Action : Selective pre-emergence herbicide. Pendimethalin controls weed by inhibition of microtubule formation in cells. Mitosis inhibitors.
  • Activity Spectrum : Used as pre-emergence herbicide for control of annul grasses and broad leaved weeds in Wheat, Rice, Cotton, Soybean, groundnut, chilli, Onion etc.
  • Available Packing :250 ml, 500 ml, 1 Ltr & 5 Ltr

Product Features:-

  • It is selective broad spectrum herbicide- Can control grass weeds as well as broad leaf weeds.
  • It gives long period weed free field- It protect crop during critical stage for 50 days from application.
  • Works in all soils with varied pH values.
  • It has good bonding with soil particle and form protective layer on soil.
  • Cost effective and safer to handle.

Approved Recommendations:-

Crop Weed Application dose/acre
Wheat Phalaris minor, Chenopodium album, Melilotus alba,Portulaca oleracea,Anagallis arvensis,Fumaria parviflora,Poa annua 1000 – 1600 ml
Rice (Transplanted &direct sown Upland) Echinochloa colona,E.crusgalli,Fimbristylis miliacea,Marselia quadrifoliata,Alternanthera sessilis,Ammonia baccifera,Ludwigra parviflora,Eclipta alba,Cyperus difformis 1300 – 2000 ml
Cotton Echinochloa spp.,Euphorbia hirta Amarnanthus viridis,Portulaca oleracea,Trianthema spp.,Eleusine indica 1000 – 1600 ml
Soybean Echinochloa spp., Euphorbia spp., Amarnanthus viridis, Portulaca oleracea, Trianthema spp., Eleusine indica 1000 – 1250 ml